December 11, 2019
10:00AM PT/1:00PM ET

Nielsen Marketing Cloud provides a way to profile the various audiences that marketers and publishers would like to target on digital media, activate via various ad networks, and then gain insights on that activation after the fact. In 2016, they adopted Apache Druid as the data store behind their interactive analytics application their customers use.

In this webinar, Yakir Buskilla (SVP R&D and GM Israel) and Itai Yaffe (Big Data group tech lead), Nielsen Marketing Cloud, will discuss how they:

  • Built a cloud-based architecture to serve up real-time query response against 10s of terabytes per day of data streams.
  • Enable their customers to slice, dice and drill down across 80,000 attributes.
  • Use Theta Sketches to deliver COUNT DISTINCT results in real-time across billions of rows.