Apache Druid is the leading real-time analytics database on the market. Companies like Netflix, Walmart and Twitter use it to help their employees and customers make better, faster decisions that impact billions of people and trillions of dollars.

But implementing Druid can be a challenge. It can take months to quarters to get into production, and even more time after that to optimize price/performance. Once you are in production, you then have to keep Druid available and performant. That includes building out custom monitoring, management, and upgrade processes.

This whitepaper explains the challenges Druid projects face, what the Imply platform adds to Druid to address these challenges, and how Imply has helped companies achieve up to:

  • 6 months faster time to production
  • 5x greater productivity with their existing resources
  • 10x greater speed and scale, 10x lower costs
  • 100x greater adoption of self-service analytics

You will learn why Global 2000 companies have relied on Imply for hundreds of Druid projects.

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